Employer Registration

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To be added to our participating employer map, please email us at info@wiscaregivercna.com with the below information, and we will have you added to our website:

  • Name of Nursing Home   
  • Address     
  • City 
  • Zip   
  • Nursing Home License    
  • Primary Contact  
  • Primary Contact Position
  • Primary Contact Phone
  • Primary Contact Email     
  • Secondary Contact 
  • Secondary Email  
  • Secondary Phone 
  • Training Type to be offered: (i.e. Third-party w/Quality CNA OR Third-party w/Technical College)
  • Nursing Home Website
  • Career Website 

To update employer registration information, please send an email to: info@wiscaregivercna.com

Check out our Employer Guide  for all you need to know, all in one place.