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Promotional Videos

WisCaregiver Careers recently released a series of 30-second versions of the program’s original promotional videos that are perfect for uploading to any social media platform. There are 9 different videos to choose from.

You can access these videos by following the links provided below:

For additional background information on using videos on Instagram see:

Employer Guide

Anyone wishing to learn more about the program can review the recently published WisCaregiver Careers Employer Guide for help navigating the program from recruitment through reimbursement.

In addition to providing an overview of our program, the guide explains employer commitments, mentorship programming, and the reimbursement process in detail. Recruitment resources are also included.

Automated Candidate Leads

On, our public facing website, we have created an automated email system designed to connect interested job candidates to local employers. When a website visitor completes our registration form, the individual will receive a confirmation email with a cc to all WisCaregiver Employers within a 50 mile radius of the zip code provided. That email is our signal to the employers that a potential job applicant wants to learn more about your work and training opportunities. Employers should develop internal procedures to ensure these emails are followed up on as soon as possible.

Watch the demo video to see how the process works.

Download Recruitment Brochures

  • Brochure 1  has a blank panel in the back where employers can insert their contact information, a brief message, and/or logos to recruit in their community.
  • Brochure 2  has content on the back panel for more general use.